Ballooning at Douro Valley

2 - 6 Persons

Half Day Experience

Our host will be waiting for you before sunrise! For this experience it takes the sacrifice to get up early but we promise it will be worth it. Without further ado we continue to the place where the balloon will be. For your added comfort the whole trip is made in luxury vehicle with wifi, to share all the photos as you return to land, and water.

The flight will last from one hour to an hour and a half and you can have the unique spectacle of watching the sunrise from inside a hot air balloon flying over the Douro Valley. There are certainly no words to describe the unique beauty of this event, the mountains and valleys of Douro with the sun peeping and begin to illuminate the whole valley seen from an imposing balloon!

When finishing your flight we believe that you will be hungry so we will have a small breakfast reinforcement, a toast to your ballooning baptism and a diploma to never forget this moment.

We continue along land and cross the roads, valleys and landscapes before flying over to a farm to enjoy an excellent lunch paired by wines from the wine estate where you are.

After lunch you will return to the hotel, by land, and say goodbye and see you soon!


* Note: this experience is subject to weather conditions and its execution, logistically, also depends on where you are.