Romantic Getaway in Alentejo

Day 1 | The Alentejo matrix

As soon as you arrive to the airport our host will be waiting for you to begin a romantic getaway full of surprises. We will follow directly to Alentejo starting with the check in in your hotel, a brief moment to refresh and we will depart to our adventures. For your total comfort you will be traveling in a luxury vehicle where you will also have wifi to share every moment of your trip and water (unless when we want to share with you new and unexplored roads). The hotel will be selected according your profile to complement this amazing days, luxury, design, boutique, difficult will be choose among our selection.
We will start exploring the wonderful Alentejo, a region very different of what you can see and read on all the tourist guides. The green plains and sunflower fields, the vineyards that goes up to the horizon, the wine estates that go until you lose sight and it’s welcoming and warm people that will welcome you as a long-standing friend. This is the other side of this magnificent region where time passes more slowly and the sunny days stretch between walks and snacks.

With this sightseeing we will arrive at one of our secret places, a family run property were we will do a private and exclusive visit, with the oenologist to the wine estate and cellar followed by a commented wine tasting to begin learning and understanding Alentejo wines in a premium tasting were you will experience the full range of this wine estate.

We will now go for the final moment of our day, a secular wine estate were the perfect host and owner will be ready to receive you in one of the most surprising Alentejo wine estates and welcoming you to her home, while tasting renowned wines in an unforgettable wine tasting. Dinner will be served in the noble saloon with a menu prepared especially for a unique wine pairing.

We will continue to the hotel where you will have time to relax.

Day 2 | Hidden sensations

We will wait for you in the hotel to continue our sightseeing, today through villages lost in time, walls that rises up to the sky in enchanted castles and quaint little villages with their whitewashed houses and their welcoming people.

But for now, we are just passing through in our way to the first experience of the day, an unforgettable cooking class. Among chefs with Michelin stars and cooks who know every aroma and spice of the region with their eyes closed the difficult thing is to choose but we promise that whatever your choice is (besides also choosing what to cook between starters, main dishes, desserts) will be absolutely incredible to learn with who know best. After class it’s time to enjoy an amazing lunch that can be with what you cooked or a special menu that the chef prepared just for this occasion, all paired with wines from the wine estate where you are.

The afternoon will start with a cultural historical sightseeing where you will be able to travel back in time and climb to the castles where once princesses and knights passed looking from the top of the tower to an Alentejo that seems to have no end, thus describes Évoramonte, one of the most amazing villages from this region. Go through the narrow streets slowly enjoying the rays of sunshine so typical of the region and let the people from this village welcoming you as if you were a long-time friend.
To end this amazing afternoon we will arrive to Arraiolos, a village that it’s marked in the maps due to the tapestry “Tapetes de Arraiolos” and were you be able to see this art live. If you wish we can pass in Aldeia da Terra, a clay miniatures where Portugal is portrayed in a typical art that can only be seen here. After this we will follow to a great regional restaurant where you will be able to taste some regional flavors and paired by amazing regional wines. Alternatively we can opt for a romantic candlelit dinner with a menu prepared especially for you.

We now proceed to the hotel where you will have the rest of the night free.


Note: As an alternative to start the day we suggest an unforgettable balloon ride. The unique spectacle of seeing the sunrise inside a balloon of hot air to fly over the Alentejo region. There are certainly no words to describe the unique beauty of this event, the gilded Alentejo plains with the sun peeping and begin to illuminate the whole plain as seen from an imposing balloon!

Day 3 | See you soon...

It’s time to check out following the transfer to the airport and return home.

Here ends our services and we say goodbye with certain that we will see you soon!